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How to Add a Video to a WordPress Blog

Wordpress-48Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to add a YouTube video to a WordPress blog. This will work equally well for a WordPress page or post.

It is easy to add a link to a video, but, if you do your site’s visitors will end up leaving your site to see the video and they may not return. It is much better to show the video in your WordPress post or page by embedding it.

Update: Timing is everything! With the release of WordPress 3.6 Video (and audio) embedding is now built-in. So you’ll only need to follow the steps below if you’ve not updated to WordPress 3.6. Read about the WordPress 3.6 update here. More >

How to Search Gmail Using Logical Operators OR and NOT, Advanced Searches

You know the scenario. You received an email a while ago, you’re sure you have it, but now you can’t find it. When you try to search for it you get so many matching mails you don’t know which is the one you are looking for. If you know how, you can be very specific when you search Gmail making finding that email much easier. Here’s how. More >