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WordPress Theme – Twenty Fourteen

The Word Press Theme Twenty thirteen arrived rather late to the New Year’s party. Eight months late in August to be precise. The 2014 WordPress theme – Twenty fourteen is planned to be released along with WordPress version 3.8 in early December this year. The decision to base Twenty Fourteen on an existing premium theme – Further, should go a long way towards ensuring that the deadline is met.

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Windows 8

There’s a lot of fervor surrounding Windows 8 (available Oct 26).

However, it’s the howls of anguish which seem to be getting most of the attention.

If you want a measured review and you have the stamina – it’s 14 pages long – then the link below from TechRadar will tell you all about it. More >

Big Brother is busy collecting all sorts of information about you

Remember the old TV shows and movies when the heroes would hear the click on the line and realize they were under surveillance?

Technology makes it so easy to do the authorities (or bad guys) don’t have to concentrate on specific targets anymore. It’s no longer in the realm of ‘Mission Impossible’ (nor has it been so for a long time). They can monitor almost everyone from the comfort of their desks. More >