Something to sell? Do not make this mistake

You are browsing the Internet. You see a product you like, you might even want to buy it. Then, suddenly you hit an information roadblock and they lose your sale…

The example above came as a link in an email from Adobe. Yes, I am interested in buying it – How much is it going to cost? The only way to find out is to press the “Buy Now’ button.

Marketeers would argue that that is an excellent ‘call to action’.

I’d argue, that for a lot of people, it is a deal killer. An example of what Dr. Flint McGlaughlin at Marketing Experiments calls ‘hidden friction’; those things we inadvertently build into our websites’ structure and content that create an obstacle to selling.

If you have something to sell you’d better pay attention to anything that is going to make it harder for your potential customers to want to buy from you. They are one click from buying from someone else.

[dacallout type=quote]Remove the friction. Don’t hide your prices.[/dacallout]

  1. Are you ashamed of what you’re charging? Then you need to check your pricing structure or your offering. Why aren’t you comfortable showing your prices? Are you not providing a strong enough sales pitch to justify the prices you are charging? What do you need to do to move yourself to a point where you are comfortable revealing your prices?
  2. Are your prices a barrier to sales? Why? You need to look at how you are positioning your product, what makes it worth your customers’ hard earned dollars? What do you offer that the competition doesn’t?
  3. Are your pricing structures too complex? Help your customers make a decision with a pricing matrix. Use forms to gather information and come up with estimates or give a ‘prices range from $… depending on options’ statement.
  4. Are you frightened the competition will use this information? So what? This is almost the same as being ashamed of your prices. If you have a well thought out, competitive price structure what do you have to hide?

[dacallout type=quote]Be helpful to your customers,
don’t erect barriers to possible sales.[/dacallout]

Watch Dr. Flint McGlaughlin talk about hidden friction on this video, 55 Minutes, but worth the time if you are designing and building your own website.

What do you think?