New YouTube Cover Templates and Images

YouTube Icon 48Pictures have a lot of influence and YouTube has announced new cover images. They’re calling it ‘Channel Artwork’. I’ve produced a couple of templates to help you create new YouTube covers that’ll work on any size display.

To help you get the best image, they’ve provided a very handy guide to how the images scale on all the different devices including TVs, tablets, desktops and mobile devices. They recommend you use a high-resolution image of 2120 x 1192 pixels. This is to make sure your cover picture looks good on modern large screen desktop monitors and the high-resolution ‘Retina Displays‘ in use on some mobile devices.

The YouTube Channel Art image upload tool on YouTube will help you crop any image, and the handy guide includes a link to a template you can use to produce one that is exactly the right size. Unfortunately the current template they give is not the right size which isn’t a lot of help.

I had to update some YouTube covers this morning so I’ve created a Photoshop file which includes guidelines, gridlines and templates with opaque white and black layers. I also created a semi-transparent PNG file both can be downloaded from the links below. You can use these to create cover pictures that are exactly the right size and they’ll show you what part of the image can be seen on the different resolution displays.

A template for the new (March 2013) YouTube Cover image

YouTube Cover Template (semi-transparent PNG file)

Links to YouTube Cover Templates

Photoshop YouTube Cover image Template file:

PNG image YouTube Cover image Template file:

YouTube Channel Art Guidelines: YouTube Support Page

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