Film Strip image Template (2560px wide)


I wanted a different look for my Flickr cover image and created this film-strip Flickr cover image template for the job. Included are links to Photoshop, jpg and png files you can use to create your own film strips.

The Photoshop file includes separate layers for the film text, the film-strip itself, and the drop shadow. Also included are masks for the pictures – I’m not going to provide a Photoshop tutorial here – but you can use the ‘magic wand’ tool to select the picture masks and then cut out/tidy up the individual images. There’s also a mask for the sprocket holes should you want to make your own film strip of a different length.

At the time of writing, for the image to work as a Flickr cover image, I’ve discovered that you need an image that’s at least 2000px high (I don’t know why – but that’s what currently works). So I’ve included blank space above and below the film strip to accommodate this. If you’re not going to use the film strip in a Filickr cover image you can crop all the white space off.

To use it I pasted in a series of images, adjusted them so that they were all the same size, moved them into position, and used the magic wand tool (inverse selection) to trim off the unwanted edges of the pictures. I used merge layers so that all the pictures were on one layer. Your work-flow may well be different – but that’s what worked for me.

Links to the files:

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Here’s one I put together

An example Flickr Film Strip Template

Gary & Ginger – Flickr Film Strip Template Example

Creating a Flickr Cover Image

To make your picture a Flickr cover image, read these instructions.

Have fun and let me know how the template works for you.

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