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[dacallout]Why Barefoot Businessman?[/dacallout]Like a great many of my ideas, the name for this blog came to me in the shower. I wanted a name for my business blog that would be a little unusual. Something catchy, something that reflected my lifestyle and could be related to my business philosophies. For me,

[dacallout]barefoot means freedom, minimal constraints, maximum flexibility, responsiveness and mindfulness.[/dacallout]Barefoot doesn’t have to mean shoe-less. I hike the rugged trails of the Ozarks in huaraches. They are versatile, I don’t have to break step to cross creeks or mud. It means I watch where I step and plan my route, they have strengthened my feet and ankles so I have less chance of sustaining an injury. It has a holistic effect, improving posture and balance. My huaraches are so simple I can repair or replace them on the trail. They are also very economical. Finally there’s the freedom and comfort of not wearing hot, heavy, confining and often downright uncomfortable traditional hiking boots.

[dacallout]How does this relate to your business?[/dacallout]I research and am not afraid of the unconventional. I seek minimal, uncomplicated, cost efficient, practical solutions that will serve me and my customers well. I look for the nimble responsiveness that adapts quickly and cost effectively to new situations. Huaraches have evolved over thousands of years of practical use and application. I’ve not been around that long, but I use my 25 odd years of business and information technology experience to assess and advise on what will and won’t work for any given situation.

This blog is a place where you can come and discuss and be informed of the business and technology trends that are and will be impacting us. Quite what direction it will take off in we’ll see as we go.

[dacallout]Take a break from the day to day rigor of work. Kick off your shoes for a few minutes. Come join me while we catch up on the latest technology, business, and social media news.[/dacallout]

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