How to embed an original style Flickr Slideshow

flickr-48  iconArrgh! This one has been driving me nuts. Flickr has switched over to its new presentation layout and in the process ignored hundreds of pleas to ensure the previous picture sharing functionality was kept, particularly the facility for embedding Flickr slideshows in websites and blog posts. Okay, they didn’t ignore the pleas entirely, as currently the old slideshow and sharing code remains available – they’ve just removed any reference to it from the interface. Well, if it is there I’d love for someone to tell me where it is, as I can’t find it.

[dacallout]The reason I’m writing this post is primarily as a reminder to myself so I can continue to embed Flickr slideshows in my posts and websites.[/dacallout]

How to embed a Flickr Slide show into a website or blog post with the ‘new’ interface

Firstly, for long-term Flickr users, they’ve renamed ‘Sets’ to ‘Albums’ I recommend creating an Album for your slideshow because that gives you the flexibility (using the Organizer) to order the slides however you want, overriding Flickr’s usual ‘in order of uploading’ presentation.

It really is simple.

Go to your Flickr Photo Stream


Add ‘show’ to the end of the address of your Set Album


Click on ‘Share’


If you want you can customize the size of your embedded Flickr slideshow


And that’s it. All very simple, until Flickr removes or looses the functionality.

Update: iPhones etc. I forgot to mention Flickr uses Flash to deliver slideshows. Flash and iPhones don’t normally mix, so I try to remember to include a link to the Flickr album in a caption to the slideshow.

By the way I captured the screens above using the little known Windows 7 Microsoft screen snipping tool. You can read about it here. I added the text and arrows using the ‘Annotate’ tool in Evernote.

What do you think?