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WordPress Theme – Twenty Fourteen

The Word Press Theme Twenty thirteen arrived rather late to the New Year’s party. Eight months late in August to be precise. The 2014 WordPress theme – Twenty fourteen is planned to be released along with WordPress version 3.8 in early December this year. The decision to base Twenty Fourteen on an existing premium theme – Further, should go a long way towards ensuring that the deadline is met.

The Further theme has been removed from the WordPress theme finder, and a demo of Further Twenty Fourteen is already available  for you to have a look at  on Line.

Example WordPress Twenty Fourteen Post

Example post in the WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme

Twenty Fourteen is a fully responsive ‘magazine style’ theme that looks very good – though the design (at present) is dependent on having good images to make it sparkle. Nice touches include the way the block quotes fit in the design, the fixed top menu that doesn’t scroll off the screen, and the highlight used to make images selectable.

Design Compromises

There are compromises imposed by the design. You’ll need a short tagline – there’s not a lot of room for a long one. The current design will not work for you if you want big pictures. The first image in a post is a fair size, stretching across the post’s margins, but it is also overlaid by a large slab containing the post’s categories. In my opinion putting the title here would be a better choice (we did something similar with Ozarks Walkabout). Though not everyone will want a big slab on their pictures. Unfortunately, all the other images are kept within the post’s margins, and as a consequence are quite small as you can see below. Although this looks good stylistically overall, big, smack you in the face pictures this layout does not deliver. I suspect it will need a hack to work nicely for photography sites, Provided doing so doesn’t ruin the overall design in the process.

We’ll have to wait and see if the code behind this theme is as accessible for customization as the Twenty Twelve and Twenty Thirteen themes are. Hopefully that’s what the effort over the next few months is going to be invested in.

Example of a picture post in Twenty Fourteen.

Photographs aren’t shown to their best in this theme.

Speaking of which, work on polishing the theme for the December release started yesterday (August 13), along with the kick-off for the development of WordPress 3.8. I’m looking forward to trying out both later in the year.


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