Flickr’s New Photo Page (Test Version)

flickr-48  iconNotwithstanding the fact that the Flickr site seems to be down more often than it is up at the moment (Bad, bad panda!) Flickr currently has a whole new look photo page that is being trialed with some users. Flickr has a history of implementing changes without consultation, so anything that involves Flickr actually listening to its users has to be welcomed. Presumably, by inviting users to review and provide feedback on the new photo page layout, they are hoping to avoid a repeat of the the huge outcry they received following their last major update back in May 2013.

I confess quite like the new photo-page layout. The functionality is still a bit rough around the edges. For example, currently the share option doesn’t include options for providing embedded HTML, and there’s no way of seeing all sizes of the images. However, checking the Help & Suggestions site, most of the problems are already either being worked on, or are in the queue waiting to be worked on. There are some notable omissions, such as being able to scroll the thumbnails, but hopefully these will get mopped up as the work progresses.

So this is what it looks like.

October 2013 - New Review version of the Flick Photo Page

Sneak Preview of the New Flickr Photo Page

I would like to show what the screen looks like on a smaller device – but at the time of writing this post Flickr is again in Bad, bad panda! Mode.

Reading the suggestions forum, as usual, there is lots of resistance to change, some of which is justified. And there’s always the people who don’t check the help/suggestion text and jump in and complain about something that’s already on the list to be fixed.

However, what appears to be missing is choice. Why can’t the designers and developers at Flickr give their users a choice of themes or some simple tools so that the user can control how their pictures are shown to the world? It works a treat on Smugmug, though Smugmug doesn’t have Flickr’s free in exchange for advertising business model.

I’ve not seen any indications of when the general roll out of the changes will be, With the number of outages we’re seeing at Flickr at the moment (It’s been down at least six hours in the last twenty-four) I don’t expect it to be anytime soon.

And if you were wondering what on Earth bad pandas have to do anything – here’s the answer.

Flickr's equivalent to the Twitter Fail Whale - Bad, Bad Panda!

Flickr’s equivalent to the Twitter Fail Whale – Bad, bad Panda!

What do you think?