A couple of days ago I received an email entitled “What were we thinking?” from Smugmug; they had made a major faux pas in a blog posting. The mail from Chris MacAskill, Smugmug’s president and co-founder, apologized for their mistake.

To see how they handled the situation with transparency, honesty and a little humor follow the link to Smugmug’s blog where they published a copy of the email sent to all their customers.

I think there are a couple of obvious and valuable lessons here…

Sometimes you see the dumb things companies say and you wonder, “What were they thinking?” I never imagined that happening to us, but we did something so dumb in a blog post,

Be careful what you type…

On Tuesday we saw reports of the results of the US government’s monitoring of social media: BBC – Caution on Twitter urged as tourists barred from US. There’s no denying that Big Brother is watching you.

And today we see reports of Anonymous’ ability to monitor US/UK government agencies: BBC – Anonymous gain access to FBI and Scotland Yard hacking call

We should be concerned – in both cases.

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