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250,000 Twitter Accounts Hacked

twitter-48  iconTwitter has announced that 250,000 accounts have been hacked in attacks that they say appeared similar to recent attacks on the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. If the attacks, exposing usernames, encrypted password data, email addresses and session tokens, aren’t bad enough, Twitter’s announcement opens the door for a series of follow-up phishing attacks.

Here’s what to watch out for. More >

Be careful what you type…

On Tuesday we saw reports of the results of the US government’s monitoring of social media: BBC – Caution on Twitter urged as tourists barred from US. There’s no denying that Big Brother is watching you.

And today we see reports of Anonymous’ ability to monitor US/UK government agencies: BBC – Anonymous gain access to FBI and Scotland Yard hacking call

We should be concerned – in both cases.