Google+ Cover image change and profile page update

icon-googleIf you have a Business page on Google+, even if you’re not actively using it, you need to review it. If, like us, you use your business logo as your page’s profile picture, you may want to make some changes.

Google+ Cover pictures are now 2120 pixels wide by 1192 pixels high and scale to match the width of the screen from 480 pixels wide upwards. Superimposed over the bottom part of the image is a circle cut from your profile image – not good if like us you have a square logo. The bottom part of the image is also covered by a black graduation reminiscent of the Twitter cover image overlay.

Google's announcement of the Google+ cover image change

Google’s announcement of the Google+ cover image change

Until you update your image visitors to your Google plus page will see your existing cover image albeit covered by the profile image and black graduation – which as you can see above sits very uncomfortably over our phone number.

We’ve already seen some new cover images trying to integrate the new profile image into the cover design. Unfortunately, unlike the cover image, the profile image doesn’t scale with different screen sizes, and it moves to keep its position relative to the center of the display.

Do make sure you have a new image ready before trying to change your cover picture. Pressing the ‘Update yours now’ button brings up the following warning:

Confirm upgrade

Upgrading to the cover photo layout can’t be undone. Any existing scrapbook photos you have will still be available in your scrapbook photo album.

While you’re on Google+ also check out the new layout of your profile (About) page.

I’m off now to create a few new Google+ Cover images, and modify the profile images so that our Logo is recognisable when rendered in a circle.

2 thoughts on “Google+ Cover image change and profile page update

  1. Bill

    Am I the only one astounded by the arrogance of Google? Changing everyone’s logo to a circle? Turning our beautiful artwork into something hideous without our permission or knowledge? Doesn’t really endear me to Google+.

    1. Gary Post author

      I wasn’t impressed. Our current logos are based on a square design so that we can carry the branding over to business cards and even car stickers for Ozarks Walkabout. I did produce a reduced size logo that brought the key elements into the circle for one of our sites – but I don’t like it.

      The clever creatives won’t like the way the logo moves over the cover image as you change resolutions either. That makes for a large piece of screen you can’t use for marketing messages.


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