Facebook’s fourth quarter earnings will be interesting

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Facebook’s fourth quarter’s earnings will be even more interesting than this past quarters results due to be disclosed today. Will the recent changes to how people see the Facebook Pages they follow have an impact on the next quarter’s earnings?

Will there be a boost to Facebook’s income as page owners are forced to use ads?

That’s about the only way they’ll be able to maintain their market penetration and get their message to their signed up followers.

Or will this mark the end of Facebook’s commercial bubble, with companies distancing themselves from Facebook’s cavalier and unpredictable changes to how users see posts?

There’s no denying this latest move, no matter how much it is denied by Facebook, seems to be directed more to suit Facebook’s financial needs than those of its users.

Before we berate Facebook too much for the recent changes, it’s good to remember how Google’s search algorithm changes influence website design and practices. It’s now something that we’ve grown used to. Will the same happen with Facebook?

The difference is that Google and Facebook’s monetization models are very different. Google’s changes didn’t force companies to spend advertising dollars with them to maintain their page rank. Well design websites with good content retained their positions – those adversely affected were the sites going for quick and easy wins. Facebook’s changes bite the very hands that financially feeds them.

The reality is that Facebook still has the market share and controls the access to the market. However, I’m sure that, like us, most businesses are looking to reduce their (and their customers) use and investment in Facebook, building more predictable and manageable access to their target markets.