Did you know you can now edit your Facebook posts?

No, neither did I. I’ve already written about editing Facebook Comments. But, I didn’t know you can now edit Facebook posts as well. I discovered this nugget of information at a social media training session last weekend. Which just goes to show there’s always something new to learn.

To edit a Facebook post just click on the ‘v’ at the top right of your post and then select edit. Simple.

Unfortunately this isn’t available for pages at the moment. I hope it is added soon, as all too often I’ve had to either delete a post because I’ve made a silly typing or grammar mistake, or I’ve let one sit there in public view torturing me.

As of March 2014 you can edit posts on pages. I don’t know how long that facility has been available for but it’s great for people in a hurry and typo prone!

I wonder what other changes to the Facebook user interface I’ve missed?

What do you think?