One to watch: Google Announces Google+ Communities and Photos

Google+ Communities

Google are rolling out a new Communities feature on Google+ today.

This comes after a few weeks of various articles citing Google+’s increasing ‘traction’ among specialist groups, particularly photographers, and the title of their blog post plays into this.

The key features announced:

  • Public and private community membership
  • Community based discussions
  • Hangouts geared around and organised by communities
  • Sharing a community using the +1 button

Communities are rolling out with a number of pre-formed public communities, including consumer products, games, magazines, fans clubs, and movie franchises.

Here’s the Google+ Communities Promo video:

It’s going to be interesting to see how this is going to develop, I’m sure the marketeers are already working out what communities are going to best serve their brands and products. Hot on the Heels of the Facebook Edgerank debacle, this has a lot of potential for brands whose demographic tends more to the Google-sphere.

Here’s a link to the Google blog announcement.