The new facebook main menu bar privacy shortcuts

New Facebook Privacy Controls

Facebook have announced new ‘better’ privacy controls to be rolled out by the end of the year. It’s mostly good news, but for some people there is a sting.

Firstly there’s a new privacy shortcut that’ll be added to the main menu bar. Once clicked it shows the incredibly clear and vernacularly worded menu:

  • Who can see my stuff?
  • Who can contact me?


  • How do I stop someone from bothering me?

There’s a new two-step process for App permissions, and an updated activity log, to make it easier to deal with those unfortunate things you (and others) said late at night with sleep impaired judgement.

FB-Updated Activity Log

Updated Facebook Activity Log

There’s also new tools to handle what happens when you are tagged, and you can deal with multiple pictures at one time.

FB-Request Removal tool

Clearer controls for managing what happens when you are tagged on Facebook

They are also adding more on-page privacy help – ‘Education’ as Facebook is branding it.


FB-Hidden Education

New ‘In-line’ privacy ‘education’

So what’s the sting?

They have removed the option to keep your profile from being listed in Facebook timeline searches. Now no one can hide on Facebook.

Here’s what Facebook has to say about it:

“Everyone used to have a setting called “Who can look up my timeline by name,” which controlled if someone could be found when other people typed their name into the Facebook search bar. The setting was very limited in scope, and didn’t prevent people from finding others in many other ways across the site.

Because of the limited nature of the setting, we removed it for people who weren’t using it, and have built new, contextual tools, along with education about how to use them. In the coming weeks, we’ll be retiring this setting for the small percentage of people who still have it.”

This probably isn’t an issue for most people. But for the small number of people who have elected to keep their details out of timeline searches may not be so happy about it.

You can read the full details of the announcements here.

What do you think?