Faux Brand Flakes

This picture made me smile.

How much attention do you pay to your brand? Your brand, your ‘Corporate identity’, can be one of the most important things your business possesses.

What is your brand?

Do you really know? It’s much more than your logo. It’s a combination of your logo, your visual style, and your company’s ethos all rolled into one.

Three things about your brand

  1. Be consistent – write down rules for how your brand should be used. Set out the tag line and a short description that should accompany it. Specify the web page any logo image should link to. Whenever anyone uses your corporate identity you want them to represent it clearly in the way you want it presented. If you’ve not documented it, make sure you know what fonts, RGB colors and Pantone colors should be used in printing. Produce gray-scale versions. Provide links to pre-prepared logos and text in the media or press section of your website.
  2. Use it. Use it everywhere. On email, on pictures, letterhead, your company’s Facebook page. State and re-state what your business is about. You want to make your logo instantly recognizable to your customer and potential customer base, along with what your business is. You want your mailings to end up on your prospect’s desk and not un-read in their trash can. Use every opportunity you can to reinforce your corporate ethos and support your brand. Use your tag line and description, don’t just pay them lip service.
  3. Review it. Ask yourself: ‘does does our brand image represent how we want to be seen?’, ask people. Look at how your brand is perceived, fine tune your tagline and corporate summary to adapt to changing times. Changing your brand is not something to be undertaken lightly. It’s expensive and time consuming. It’s not just a matter of changing your logo and paper stock. You’ve got to adjust people’s perception of what your business is and what it stands for.  If your branding really has got stale, old and doesn’t represent your business, then change it, but don’t just change the visuals, you have to change your thinking too.

You want your brand to be instantly recognizable  You want it to stand out from the crowd, and you want your corporate ethos to be integral with it. When someone sees your logo or paperwork, you want them to know what your business is going to do for them.

“Brand Flakes, to Help Keep You Visually Regular” Seen on: Cheezburger – So Much Pun