I’d really like to rant about Facebook…

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I’ll try to be civil. Facebook’s in flux, and the best we can do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Their latest trick is to pick a page your page is following and spam your page’s feed with every single thing that page likes. Pages have no way of selecting what shows in their feeds so you have a a few simple choices. Hide them, unlike them, or put up with an avalanche of likes.

With my cynicism set on high, I think this is the latest of FB’s attempts to reduce Page to Page marketing. This could also be an attempt to control the behaviour of page owners. Are you going to spend an afternoon liking posts and pictures if other pages get to see your every move and then decide to unlike or hide your content? If you’re engaged in B2B marketing you may well want to think about that. Believe me, you don’t want to be that page. Hopefully this is a temporary glitch that’ll go away.

Other facebook attempts to cripple page to page contact include no longer telling you when another page comments on a post – which means you have to remember what posts you have commented on and go back and check for replies. Also you no longer get any notifications if a page likes your page or tags your page.