Hacked Go Daddy sites infecting users with ransomware – Sophos Naked Security Article

There is a report on Sophos’ Naked Security blog of criminals adding sub domains to genuine websites hosted by Go Daddy. The links lead to sites that install Ransomware.

What does this mean to you? As always, make sure your antivirus and malware protection is up to date, and exercise caution if a link is taking you to a sub domain. Of course lots of sites use sub domains legitimately, for example my own: gary.allman.uk.net

If you have a website hosted by Go Daddy it’s a good idea to check if any subdomains have been added and if necessary remove them. Currently there’s is no news as to how the criminals are hacking the records to add their sub domains – changing your Go Daddy account password might be a good idea anyway.

Read the Sophos Article here: Sophos Naked Security Article

What’s a sub domain? In this web address – fred.myexampledomain.com ‘fred’ is the sub domain of the website ‘myexampledomain.com’ A sub domain can be something innocent looking like offer.myexampledomain.com Sub domains are used by many websites to split their sites into logical sections.