Wordpress-48Today announced a new paid-for enterprise version of its free blog hosting service.

They are offering unlimited uploads, bandwidth, 70 WordPress plugins and lots of customization features to draw corporate users away from self hosted sites using the open source version of WordPress ( The price –  $500.00 pcm.

Read more: Enterprise is Live « VIP.


Over One-and-a-half-million account details revealed

Ghost Shell Icon The BBC reports that the ‘Ghost Shell’ hacking group have released user account data after it was obtained primarily from government agencies  in the US and Europe.

“The group gathered the data during a series of attacks on NASA, the FBI, the European Space Agency and many other government agencies and contractors.

Included in the dump were log-in names, passwords, email addresses and CVs, plus the contents of online databases.”

The full report can be read here: BBC- Hacktivists Ghost Shell dump 1.6m log-in details on web


Email: “You receive the electronic reservation?” contains a malware attack

“Bogus hotel reservation emails have been spammed out widely, which claim to come from but in reality carry malware designed to infect Windows computers.

Even if recipients haven’t booked a hotel room they might be tempted to open the dangerous attachments, in fear that their credit card has been charged.”

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Make your website count.  A nice reminder to stop and check the obvious once in awhile.

There’s nothing worse than out of date or incorrect information on a website. Getting the basics wrong can cause frustration. At the very least it reduces their confidence in your message. At worst it’ll send your customers away.

The 10-Minute Website Tune-up – on Brandcamp


facebook-48  iconResearching another post I came across this little gem from September 9. The article suggests that posts to Facebook via third party apps can reduce their reach by up to 88%. Originally data from the use of  Hootsuite and Tweetdeck were used as examples, but the data was later withdrawn. There’s been no follow up to explain why.

If you use a third party App, you might like to run a little experiment or two of your own to check the efficacy of your campaigns.

Facebook Fail: Posting via Other Apps Can Cut Likes & Comments by 88% [STUDY]


A couple of days ago I received an email entitled “What were we thinking?” from Smugmug; they had made a major faux pas in a blog posting. The mail from Chris MacAskill, Smugmug’s president and co-founder, apologized for their mistake.

To see how they handled the situation with transparency, honesty and a little humor follow the link to Smugmug’s blog where they published a copy of the email sent to all their customers.

I think there are a couple of obvious and valuable lessons here…

Sometimes you see the dumb things companies say and you wonder, “What were they thinking?” I never imagined that happening to us, but we did something so dumb in a blog post,